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Find Your Fridge Personality!

What you eat for lunch says a lot about you!

Take our fun quiz to find out your lunch box personality.

#1. Pick the food you'd want to eat right now:

Chickpea Salad
Homemade Sandwich
Cheese and Crackers

#2. The most important part of lunch is...

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#3. What's your favorite item in your lunch box?

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#4. How many days per week do you brown bag it?

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#5. What do you bring your lunch in?

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#6. Pick the aisle in the grocery store that's your lunch foundation

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#7. What are you drinking when you eat lunch?

Coconut water image
Water bottle image
Diet Coke image
Snapple image
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#8. Which word best describes you?

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Find Your Fridge Personality