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Slow cookers are
like magic. Combine
your ingredients in the
morning and hours later,
poof... dinner!

Everything you need to make lunchtime the best time is at Peapod.

On a busy day, a slow cooker is essential. When you come
home, dinner is ready already... no waiting required.



Set it and forget it when you want
a healthy meal on a busy day. 


Take the fast lane to slow cooking with amazing recipes and
tips on our Starring Your Slow Cooker Pinterest Board.  


Keep warm this winter.

Turn up the heat with this Slow Cooker Tex Mex
Chicken Stew. Try it with a side of corn bread! 


Dinner in 1-2-3.

This a-maize-ing Green Chicken Corn Chilli
will be ready by the time you get home.