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5 Ways to Use Canning Jars

5 Ways to Use Canning Jars

Greens Keeper
Use a 1- or 2-cup jar to keep fresh greens, like sprouts or herbs, fresh until you need to use them. Add a piece of paper towel to absorb excess moisture and your herbs and sprouts will last a week in the fridge without losing their crunch and flavor.

Sweet Gift
Do you have a special recipe for brownies, cookies, soup or other goodies? Share the love by layering the dry ingredients in a quart jar. Cover the lid with a piece of cheesecloth or gingham tied with kitchen twine and don’t forget to include the recipe!

Parfait To Go
Before you go to bed, layer yogurt, fruit compote or low-sugar jam and granola in a pint jar, attach a spoon with kitchen twin or a rubber band and you’ve got a ready-made breakfast to take with you as you head out the door. It even works (sometimes) as a way to get busy teens to eat a healthy breakfast.

Vanilla Jar
After you’ve used vanilla seeds in a recipe to flavor a cheesecake or frosting, don’t throw away the pods. Instead, fill a jar with sugar and tuck in a pod or two. Give it a gentle stir or shake every now and then and in a week you’ll have vanilla-scented sugar to use in baking.

Lunch Salad
It’s an oldie but a goodie. Add a little salad dressing to the bottom of a jar and then add salad ingredients, starting with ones that won’t get soggy when exposed to dressing, like onions, beets, beans, tuna or chicken. Top with veggies and chill. Simply shake to distribute the dressing and you’ve got lunch.